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African Arts and Crafts

Africa has different types of arts and crafts that promote the culture of the people. We design pots, shoes, clothes, baskets, bags and shoes in the African style. Africans are good in weaving hair into braids and they also make tie and dye which are later made into designed fabrics for sale. There are also African paintings. Most of these arts and crafts are hand made and much time is invested into making them.

Africa is known for her great pottery. Pots in Africa are made with clay and are designed into many shapes and sizes. Some of these pots have nice art works painted on them and sometimes, they are colorful. Some people in the villages in Africa who don’t have fridges in their houses actually put water in a big clay pot and cover it by the corner of their houses. Doing this makes the water cold for drinking. Africans also make shoes like sandals and slippers. A person can actually go to the shoemaker and tell him the design he or she wants. The cobbler gets the idea and makes the shoe and after the customer is satisfied with the final product he or she then pays the shoemaker. These sandals and slippers are always made with real shiny leather.

Africans make their traditional dresses with African prints like Ankara, tie and die and lace fabrics. These fabrics are made and sewn in Africa. They are worn to occasions like birthday parties, weddings and most celebrations.  They are sewn into different styles like skirt and blouse, dresses, and pants. Some handbags are made with African print but most of them are made with leather. Baskets and other things are made too in Africa. The kind of basket made in Africa apart from the normal plastic basket we all see are made out of palm fronds gotten from palm trees. There are so many beautiful products made out of natural things in Africa. You have to visit Africa to appreciate the beauty of their arts and crafts.


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