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Music of Africa

According to history, a lot of things have influenced the tribal music in Africa. African music has been influenced by language, environment, politics and a variety of cultures. African music expresses the feelings and life of the entire community.

“African music is an integral part of daily life. Unlike music in the West, African music is a functional part of a child’s natural development. In the West, a child might express an interest in music from an early age and promptly be enrolled in private music lessons or in one or more musical activities such as choir, band, or orchestra if the child has reached a mature enough age to take part. An African child experiences music as an integral part of life from the very moment of birth. Since there is little distinction between art and life in Black African culture, children’s play often consists of activities involving music such as taking an empty tin, an old window frame and a piece of animal hide and constructing a ‘frame-drum’ as a musical toy.”

There are different musical instruments in Africa made out of nature. There are instruments like the talking drum, gourd tambourine and others. All these instruments are played to produce a sweet sounding melody that will appeal to the people. We also have the traditional horn in Nigeria called the Kakaki.

African’s do not just listen to music for the fun of listening to music or make music for the fun of it. Most African music speak to the people in a way and they are able to relate to the music. There are different kinds of African music like traditional folk music, song for kids and also, gospel music. Watch an African traditional gospel music from Nigeria below.


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